Federal Ammunition 223 Remington 55 Grain Full Metal Jacket


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Government American Eagle Ammunition is planned explicitly for sport shooting, preparing, and practice. This ammunition is stacked to the specific details as Federal’s Premium loads however at a more viable cost for conservative rehearsing. This ammo is a new creation in reloadable metal cases.
Ideal for target practice
Exact and solid
Predictable preliminaries, slugs, and metal

Product Overview

Federal American Eagle Ammunition is designed specifically for target shooting, training and practice. This ammo is loaded to the same specifications as Federal’s Premium loads, but at a more practical price for economical practicing. This ammunition is new production in reloadable brass cases.


  • Ideal for target practice
  • Accurate and reliable
  • Consistent primers, bullets, and brass

Made In United States of America


Product Information

Cartridge 223 Remington
Grain Weight 55 Grains
Muzzle Velocity 3240 Feet Per Second
Muzzle Energy 1282 Foot Pounds
Bullet Style Full Metal Jacket
Lead Free No
Case Type Brass
Primer Boxer
Corrosive No
Reloadable Yes
G1 Ballistic Coefficient 0.269
Velocity Rating Supersonic
Country of Origin United States of America

500 round, 1000 round

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