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The .45 Long Colt ammo, also known as .45 Colt or simply .45 LC, has a rich history and remains popular among firearm enthusiasts. Developed in the late 19th century, this versatile cartridge has been extensively used in revolvers and lever-action rifles. 

The History of .45 Long Colt Ammo

The .45 Long Colt ammunition was initially designed for the Colt Single Action Army revolver, which the United States Army adopted in 1873. It quickly gained popularity due to its effectiveness and reliability. Colt’s Manufacturing Company developed the cartridge with the Union Metallic Cartridge Company (UMC). This ammo was initially loaded with black powder, but later advancements led to smokeless powder being used.

Characteristics and Ballistics

The .45 Long Colt ammo features a rimmed design, allowing it to be easily extracted from revolvers. It has a bullet diameter of .452 inches and a case length of 1.285 inches. The standard bullet weight ranges from 200 to 250 grains, although heavier loads are also available. The muzzle velocity typically ranges from 750 to 1,000 feet per second, depending on the load.

The ballistics of the .45 Long Colt ammo make it suitable for various applications. Its relatively large bullet diameter and weight provide excellent stopping power, making it a popular choice for self-defense purposes. Additionally, the cartridge’s versatility allows it to be used for hunting medium-sized game such as deer or wild boar. Its trajectory is relatively flat, making it effective at moderate distances.

Uses and Advantages

The .45 Long Colt ammo is primarily used in revolvers, particularly single-action models. Its use in cowboy action shooting competitions has contributed to its enduring popularity. The cartridge’s manageable recoil and accuracy make it well-suited for precision shooting. Additionally, the availability of different bullet weights and styles allows shooters to tailor their ammunition to specific needs.

One of the advantages of the .45 Long Colt ammo is its versatility. It can be used in revolvers and lever-action rifles chambered for this cartridge, providing shooters with a broader range of firearm options. This versatility makes it an appealing choice for those who prefer firearms that can serve multiple purposes.

Another advantage of this ammo is its availability. It is widely produced by various ammunition manufacturers, ensuring a steady supply in the market. This availability also translates into a wide selection of bullet types, including hollow points for self-defense or flat-nosed bullets for hunting applications.

 Market Availability and Pricing

The .45 Long Colt ammo is readily available in most gun stores and online retailers specializing in ammunition sales. Its popularity ensures a consistent supply, making it easy for shooters to find their preferred loads. The pricing of this ammo varies depending on the brand, bullet weight, and quantity purchased. Generally, it falls within the mid-range pricing category, making it affordable for most shooters.


The .45 Long Colt ammunition has stood the test of time and remains a popular choice among firearm enthusiasts. Its rich history, versatile characteristics, and wide availability contribute to its enduring appeal. The .45 Long Colt ammo offers excellent stopping power and accuracy, whether used for self-defense or hunting. With its continued production and availability in the market, shooters can confidently rely on this cartridge for their shooting needs.

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