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30-30 Winchester Ammo For Sale. The 30-30 Winchester (30 Winchester Center Fire or WCF) was presented in Winchester’s John Browning-planned Model 1894. The rifle was expected for smokeless powder… yet the main smokeless powder brandishing cartridges, the 30-30 and 25-35, wasn’t prepared for discharge until 1895. Its “30-30” assignment implied “.30-type, 30 grains of powder.” This is a remainder from dark powder assignments, yet 30 grains of smokeless powder gave the 30-30 phenomenal speed for its day. The 30-30 immediately turned into America’s highest quality level deer cartridge- – and notwithstanding the numerous quicker cartridges that are now accessible, it stays an extremely compelling deer cartridge out to maybe 150 yards. It has been loaded in single-shots and manual actions, however, its customary home is the cylindrical magazine switch action…which requires exceptionally dull-nosed projectiles, the solitary exemption being Hornady’s FTX with a compressible polymer tip. All significant makers offer 30-30 ammo, and rifles are accessible from different sources. 30-30 Winchester Ammo For Sale

.30-30 Ammo History

.30-30 ammo was the United States’ first small-bore sporting cartridge designed for smokeless powder in 1895 and was originally meant for the Winchester 1894 lever-action rifle. The added – “.30” on the end stands for the standard load of 30 grains (1.9 grams) of early smokeless powder.

The original .30-30 cartridge was manufactured by Winchester Repeating Arms and Union Metallic Cartridge Company with a 160-gram jacketed-lead bullet. A year later, it was offered with a 170-gram bullet. Both .30-30 ammo sizes are popular for lever-action rifles like the Savage Model 99 and the Marlin Model 336.

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